11:38 AM, 10/29/2013

TRANSPORT: Owing to our innovative vehicle fleet we are able to accept and deliver any loads of goods.
FORWARDING: We are able to offer loadings of goods for the purpose of national and international shipment.
REPAIR: Thanks to our qualified staff and comprehensive workshop equipment we offer professional repair of trucks. 



11:32 AM, 10/29/2013
  • 45 STANDARD units with the capacity of 90m3 => 33 Euro-pallets,
  • 12 COILMULDE units for transport of coils => => 33 Euro-pallets,
  • 8 trucks of the solo type with allowable total weight of 12 tonnes,
  • low-profile semi trailer for transport of cars.

About us

11:29 AM, 10/29/2013

Our company was established in 1991. Our business operations consist of international and national transport services. The main area of activity covers the following countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy,  Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.