Our company offers a large number of its own transport units including:

  • 45 STANDARD units with the capacity of 90m3 => 33 Euro-pallets,

  • 12 COILMULDE units for transport of coils => => 33 Euro-pallets,

  • 8 trucks of the solo type with allowable total weight of 12 tonnes,

  • low-profile semi trailer for transport of cars.

Our vehicles meet all European standards as well as the restrictive environmental protection rules. These vehicles are all classified at least at the level of EURO 5 in terms of emissions. Each vehicle features a modern satellite navigation system (GPS). Communication with the drivers is also enabled by means of GSM.

Our vehicles are equipped with 500 and 550 daN belts as well as square timbers, corners, anti-slip matting etc. Additionally, each of our drivers is fully equipped.

Due to the fact that that we own an extensive warehouse we are also equipped with:

  • manual forklifts

  • forklift trucks