About us

Our company was established in 1991. Our business operations consist of international and national transport services. The main area of activity covers the following countries:

  • Germany,

  • The Netherlands,

  • Belgium,

  • Great Britain,

  • Ireland,

  • France,

  • Spain,

  • Luxemburg,

  • Switzerland,

  • Austria,

  • Italy,

  • Czech Republic,

  • Denmark,

  • Norway,

  • Sweden.

As of the beginning of 2013 our headquarters are located in Wrześnica near Sławno at national highway no. 6 (DK6); E28. Our new facility features 3 inspection pits, an innovative car wash, a warehouse, a repair workshop as well as a shop with spare parts and equipment for trucks. Over the years, we have worked on the renown of our company through the high expectations towards our employees and especially ourselves. We promote family atmosphere and teamwork while simultaneously emphasizing high personal culture and broad experience of our staff.  

We offer safety and high quality of services provided to our customers.